How We Make Our Anchors

Posted by Ron Atkinson on

The Anchor Shop is a Division of Atkinson Engineering, an engineering firm in business since 1980. With many years of experience in precision design and manufacturing, we offer superior product knowledge and exemplary customer service.

Every anchor we sell benefits from over three decades of history in precision manufacturing!

Most decorative anchors available today are low quality imports from China or India. Our welded steel decorative anchors are more durable, more authentic, Made in the USA, and come in several different styles.

Every new design for an anchor starts out as a drawing that we produce through computer-aided design (CAD). When we're happy with the design, if it's one of our slimline anchors, we produce the files needed for laser cutting.

There is a well-defined procedure for production of each type of anchor, which is strictly adhered to in order to ensure that every time you order the same anchor, you can expect an exact duplicate of that anchor to be delivered to you.

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