Customized Stairway Made for Fitz's on the Lake

Posted by Donna Troestler on

This Summer Fitz's on the Lake in Okee (Lodi), Wisconsin, asked us to build customized stairway panels for them. The stairway is a short three-steps down that leads to their boat docks which gives diners access to their restaurant via boat.

We designed and built two brushed steel side panels with a blue version of our Fitz anchor and overlaid with a white buoy, all attached to four white wood pilings. The lettering includes their name in black and their restaurant motto, "Relax.... You're on the Lake" in red.

Fitz's customers have made many positive comments about the new edition to their outdoor scenery! Since our anchors are powder-coated steel, they're sturdy enough to be displayed outside all year long and enjoyed year-round.

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