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We provide a fine nautical decor product that you’ll love in one of many different colors! Hang them up at the cottage, out in the yard, down at the boathouse, on your boat / yacht, or in your living room. As they are finished on all sides, unlike cheap stamped offerings from overseas, you can display them in any way you like. And, our anchors are also well suited to commercial or municipal settings. They can be found in shops, nautical themed restaurants, public parks, and veteran memorials.

Founded in the Lake Wisconsin area (along the Wisconsin River in Lodi, WI) by Ron Atkinson, The Anchor Shop has been offering fine steel decorative anchors since 1996. Every anchor we sell is precision manufactured. While most decorative anchors available today are low quality imports from China or India, our welded steel decorative anchors are more durable, more authentic, and made in the USA. With many years of experience in manufacturing, we offer superior product knowledge and exemplary customer service.

Ron was born on the East Coast, son to Navy Veteran ABF1 Walter Atkinson. Walter passed down his knowledge and expertise from serving 22 years aboard US Navy aircraft carriers USS Coral Sea, USS Lake Champlain, and USS Independence. After years of working with different kinds of materials in creative ventures and in business, his childhood passion of the Navy and inherent desire to create came to fruition when, one day in 1996, Walter and Ron decided to build an anchor. Ron then wanted to launch a business that would celebrate their passion for the maritime tradition and The Anchor Shop was born.

Our anchors are a perfect gift for the maritime enthusiast, anyone who has a home or business on the water, or a US Navy veteran. They are a must have for any nautical themed room or anyone who has a love of the sea. With their rugged powder coat or enamel finishes and because they are hand built from steel, The Anchor Shop anchors are sure to provide enjoyment for years to come to whomever receives them as a gift....